Calculate distances and DDH estimates with GGDC 2

GGDC 2 is an updated and enhanced version of the previous GGDC 1 (still available here) with improved DDH-prediction models and additional features such as confidence-interval estimation. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only digital DDH method that provides this feature. Of all genome-based methods we are aware of, GGDC 2 yields the highest correspondence to traditional DDH (without sharing its drawbacks). Details are described in our BMC Bioinformatics study.

Of course scientists want to get rid off traditional DDH ‐ digital DDH is just the best way to accomplish that!


Step 1 Choose the alignment method for finding intergenomic matches

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Step 2 Optional: bootstrap replicate-based confidence intervals

Calculate confidence interval for DDH prediction based on bootstrap replicates (Help)

Step 3 Choose the query genome

Step 4 Choose the reference genome(s)




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