Change Date Details
#7 12/06/2017 [FIXED] labels in CSV files are now properly displayed
#6 09/06/2017 [CHANGED] Duplicate virus genomes (either uploaded as file or specified as Genbank accessions) will now be removed from the analysis.
#5 09/06/2017 [ADDED] VICTOR now supports delineation of subfamilies, too. For scientific reasons this feature is only enabled for amino acid-based analyses as detailed in our upcoming VICTOR publication.
#4 07/04/2017 [FIXED] Malformed or non-standard input files now result in a proper error message.
#3 29/03/2017 [FIXED] specified GenBank accession that do not contain the requested data (e.g. amino acid data) do not longer result in an error but instead these are simply left out from the analysis and the incident is reported in the result e-mail.
#2 20/03/2017 [ADDED] new fast-track mode is activated if sufficient server resources are available (running time reduced by a factor of about 4)
#1 20/03/2017 [CHANGED] increased genome limit from 50 to 100
#0 20/03/2017 started recording of changelog