Change Date Details
#6 12/08/2020 [CHANGED] A routine was replaced in the coverage algorithm of the GBDP core, with the newer one being a bit more complex but better able to deal with highly similar genome sequences that significantly differ in length and are highly redundant e.g. due to sequencing or assembly artifacts.
#6 08/06/2018 [CHANGED] The automated download of genome sequences via GenBank master record accessions is now available again as documented in the General FAQ.
#5 26/02/2018 [ADDED] appending warning message to result email if at least one genome sequence was smaller than 50,000 bp in length.
#4 13/10/2017 [CHANGED] Optional bootstrap-based confidence intervals are not calculated if number of reference genomes exceeds 20 genomes. Reporting of model-based confidence intervals not affected by this change. See FAQ for more info.
#3 13/10/2017 [CHANGED] limit for number of reference genomes was increased from 50 to 75
#2 10/07/2017 [FIXED] URL in result email linking to the FAQ
#1 08/06/2017 [CHANGED] genome files that exclusively contain 'N's as sequence data are now rejected for calculation
#0 29/03/2017 started recording of changelog